Issue with high density memory: Posts, and registers one stick of 8gbs, but with 2 sticks only registers a total of 8gbs.

Bought this Ram:
Here's my part list for the rest of the machine (without the ram. that's what I was using before this)

highlights: fx 6100; Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P(REV5.0) motherboard

I'm running manjaro 19, with all the latest updates (so maybe actually 20 then? not sure how the "rolling updates work." does it change versions without re-installation?)

I just installed the ram, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it posted.

However, upon checking how much ram was available, it still said 8gbs.
I tried with only one stick of 8, and the bios registered that correctly.
Put both sticks in, and bios registered two sticks, but only a total of 8gbs.

I've tried stress testing (had 3 separate minecraft instances open at once) to make sure that it wasn't just a display error. it doesn't appear to be. I was using all 8 gigs and my swap was full, and there was no indication that real performance was better than that.

I am confused. I've been told by a little googling (or rather duckduckgoing) that the problems with high density memory would be that it wouldn't post, or I'd have frequent crashes.
It hasn't crashed yet, though it hasn't been long. I'll update this if it does.
I would think if anything it would have crashed during the stress test though.

Much appreciated if anyone can help. I'll post additional info as needed.

Recommendations for other places to post this would be awesome as well. I'll probably go to pcpartpicker forums in a bit as well, but I need to go shopping and set up my minecraft server.

At a guess its bad ram i ran that board with 16 gb for a few years using Hyperx it ran fine.

like I said, both sticks were registered by the board, and it posted fine. So I doubt it's that.

I suppose I could test by swapping them both around a bit, but the one is stuck under my heatsink, and that's always a pain to take off.
I'll try it sometime tonight or tomorrow.

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