Issue with mouse scrolling, especially in VM, likely libinput related

I'm using Manjaro i3 in VMware and I'm running into an issue with the mouse.

I noticed that scrolling in apps is really awkward. After a few days of investigating, I found out that this awkwardness comes from the mouse wheel, and with it the scrolling acceleration, stops working when the mouse pointer is moving. As soon as I lift the mouse off the table, scrolling works flawlessly.

So I investigated further and it looks like this is related to libinput and multiple input devices. In VMware there are multiple mice in the system. One of them moves the cursor and another one acts as the scroll wheel. These inputs seem unable to overlap, so the mousewheel stops working for as long as the pointer is moving.
That's the best explanation I could come up with.

Now the question is whether this is an upstream libinput bug or a Manjaro configuration bug. I've read reports of this happening all over Linux, so I'm tending toward the former.

By the way, I've also tested this with VirtualBox. It's the same issue there.

So what are the next steps that should be taken? Further debug the problem? Where to go with the reports? And how to fix it in the meantime?

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I forgot to mention something. What's really awkward is that this only seems to affect the Qt and GTK applications I've tested.

In urxvt the issue doesn't show. I have no issues scrolling while moving the mouse in the terminal.

This makes me think that my assumption might be wrong and that the root of the issue is somewhere else entirely.

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i'm having exacly the same problem

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