Issues with Pulse Audio

I have had various issues with pulse audio. I have a simple setup of just having headphones and sometimes hdmi video & sound. Some of the issues are;

  1. HMDI sound doesn't work on the tele.
  2. Audio stops working all together.

The only way to fix this seems to be deleting all .config/pulse folder and rebooting my system.

I really love manjaro, I just hope this issue could be sorted out by the devs without it being a persistent thing. I have used pulse audio before in Mint but din't run into these issues.

Please post inxi -Fxxxz & aplay -l, so somebody could help you :slight_smile:

Is there any specific conditions when that happens, maybe some program in use?

Not sure why that happens, but indeed it's weird.

Its just random, the config files gets corrupted. I have seen others posting here regarding the HDMI sound pass-through stopping.

I just wanted the community to be aware of it.

I'm sure affected users are already aware, but I fail to see the solution or even an attempt to provide the requested information to help to find a solution..

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Solution was stated in the original post. I didn't want to post my system info because I don't know what it means for my privacy since I haven't done it before.

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