Issues with Vulkan and dxvk

Hello, to be honest, i dont really know how vulkan and dxvk work, i understand they are there for 3d and using my gpu. I tried a lot of stuff i could find on web, and all i can say is i am sure they are all installed, but i wanted to try and play games using lutris. And there is always message that my vulkan and dxvk might not be installed or suppored.
So i wound up on this forum, a guy saying something about making it force start on boot, and i didnt know how to do that. So i came here to ask for help.
Sorry for long post.
Gpu amd radeon r7 250 sapphire ddr3 2gb.
cpu Intel i5 2400s.
Thank you in advance, and sorry for bothering with long post like this.

While I cannot help you with this specific issue due to lack of technical expertise, I can tell you it would be much, much more beneficial to Dump your "inxi -Fxxxza --no-host" here and bookmark it.

That should give you full system stats to paste on the forum so you an then use that for reporting in future. If you have difficultty interacting with the terminal, direct its output to a text file as follows;

:heavy_dollar_sign: In xdg-terminal:

inxi -Fxzc0 > ~/inxi

Then open in your system's text editor ~/inxi and select all to copy.

The instructions to install what you need are linked in the popup. :wink:


Yes, but dxvk is already installed, i did everything in that link, i think

I think your issue is the same as here:

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