Issues with wifi and kernel panic

For a long time I had issues with my wifi. Every single time I am moving my laptop it (wifi) turns off. The whole interface is gone. I do not see wireless capabilities - like I do not have my wireless card. My workaround was easy - restart.
Now restarting the system or turning the computer off ends up with a kernel panic.

Here is my sys info:

It is just annoying when I need to use network drives and I do not have a working Wi-fi. Kernel panic does not help as well :confused:

Thanks for help in advance :smiley:

Have you tested alternate kernels?

Manjaro supports installing multiple kernels at the same time. Test at least 5.6, 5.7, 5.4, 4.19, and 4.14.

I can't read your system info as I'm only using a cell. Pictures are not preferred on technical support threads.

Please type by hand the kernel version you are using (and those you have tested).

Also please type the output of:

inxi -nz

Try USB Android phone tethering to hopefully obtain a temporary internet connection. Outputs can be uploaded via the terminal if necessary.


Hi tbg!
Thanks for answer :slight_smile: I waited for new updates and after upgrading my Linux 2 days ago I got a new kernel. I have no kernel panic. The wifi still disconnects while moving my laptop although.

Do not know how to fix that :confused:

Sorry for that. Will remember next time :smiley:

? I do not use Android. Actually except YT and throw-away gmail account I don't touch anything from google :slight_smile:

P.S. Sorry for not answering for all that time - I had my first production since March and went away from computers. Had only my Nokia 3310 on me :slight_smile:

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