jami outdated since a half year - anything that can be done?

The last available version of jami is 20190813-1.
Arch Linux doesn't have a current version, either.
Is there anything that could be done about it?
It is already flagged as outdated on Arch Linux (https://www.archlinux.org/packages/?name=jami-gnome).
The newest version for Windows is 202002071255.

There is a flatpak:

flatpak search jami
Name    Description             Application ID Version            Branch Remotes
Gnome … Jami is a software for… net.jami.Jami  20191209.1.4b48135 stable flathub

But beware if you don't have already the appropriate runtimes etc. for flatpaks, the first installation could be of a couple of GBs in download and installed size. I am not using any flatpaks, I just did the search.

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I'm using flatpak, so that doesn't should be a problem. I's more current than the version from Manjaro/Arch, but isn't 20191219 still outdated?

Looks so compared to the version for Windows.
Same 20191209.1.4b48135 on https://flathub.org/apps/details/net.jami.Jami

Now I have installed the Flatpak version (2019-12-22), but my webcam is not recognized and not listed (in vlc which is installed "normally", it works). It seems like the sandbox-feature of flatpak is blocking it. :frowning:
Restarting the system doesn't fix that issue.

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