JDK Problem

Vscode - Code OSS & netbeans don't recognize jdk on my system.
I use manjaro lysia 20.0.3 gnome edition

Have a look at archlinux-java

Unless you specify otherwise, netbeans will use the default jdk.
You can specify a custom one with the --jdkhome option, and if you like to make it permanent, edit NETBEANS_INSTALL_DIR/etc/netbeans.conf

Once inside netbeans, you can add more JDKs and use them per project.

here is an screenshot!![Screenshot from 2020-07-24 17-32-17

Screenshot from 2020-07-24 17-35-07

Screenshot from 2020-07-24 17-23-09

Screenshot from 2020-07-24 17-27-05

Ok, use archlinux-java then to set the default to java-14-openjdk, or install a java 8 jdk.

...and please refrain from post images where text is fine.

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Thanks for your help

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