Jetbrains toolbox not indexing PyCharm

I installed Pycharm and Intellij Idea from pacman.
I got Jetbrains Toolbox from pacman and used it to install GoLand.
Jetbrains Toolbox now indexes GoLand and Intellij Idea but not Pycharm. Is there any reason why? Is there a way to fix this?

Some of those dont exist in the repos, so I kinda doubt you used pacman to install them. And what packages exactly? (not what you think the program should be called .. the actual Package Name).

..The most reasonable ones probably wouldve been


Which are in the repos .. but jetbrains toolbox is not.


is however in the AUR.

So.. were you using pamac ?

Sorry, I had the misconception that even the AUR fell under pacman.


technically, depending on what helper you use and such pacman might be the eventual thing installing the compiled package, sure. But not always, and still the frontend was something else because, for example this would fail:

sudo pacman -S intellij-idea-ce

Anyways .. now we know the 3 packages, and that 2 of them are from the AUR.

But after that .. I dont know much about jetbrains .. so good luck :wink:

I have used JetBrains tools for several years.

To get the best from JetBrains tools download their respective archives from JetBrains web.

Unpack to a local folder - preferably in your home or another location with read-write permissions.

The run the launcher script from the unpacked bin folder.

In case of Toolbox - same procedure - unpack it and run the binary - Use the toolbox to install. Apps are placed in your ~/.local/share/JetBrains

What is the problem with getting the toolls from the toolbox itself?

Nothing - I think I mentioned that - it is one of the recommended ways of installing JetBrains applications.

The problem always comes up when you install from AUR.

Does this extend to installing the toolbox from AUR? (One of my current problems is that applications installed using the toolbox are not added to path and have to be launched using the toolbox itself)

My personal experience is JetBrains tools are best installed manual in your home folder.

Tools installed by the toolbox is added to your system menu using .desktop files.

If you want to have script launchers they can be created by the toolbox too.

Create the folder - if it is not existing - ~/.local/bin - it is in your system path - even if it does not exist. (created by /etc/profile.d/

Open the toolbox - click the :gear: icon and enable Generate shell scripts
option. Click Select to insert path.

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