Jittery mouse cursor in test run

Hello everybody.
I just tested Manjaro for the first time by running it from my flash drive on my Windows 10 computer. I really liked what I saw. But what threw me off was the way my mouse cursor was moving.

The movement is sort of unsteady and not as smooth as I want it to be. In addition, when it hovered over a link or a button and changed from the basic cursor to a hand with outstretched index finger symbol, it was pointing at a different pixel slightly off to the right side. In other words, the finger tip and the tip of the basic cursor are not in the same place.

Because of all that, I find it very irritating to do something as basic as dragging the mouse across the screen in Manjaro. Is this a known issue with running the OS from a flash drive? Does it get better in the full installation? Or is it an issue that can be solved by installing some drivers or changing some settings?

I used a Sharkoon Drakonia mouse attached via USB, an Asus mainboard, Nvidia graphics card and I did not attempt to install any drivers.
Thank you in advance for your help.

I had some of the same issues (stretching and wrong cursor) but I changed my cursor theme via Gnome Tweak Tools and it fixed it for me.

you can also change mouse movement settings.

Not sure if you're using Gnome but if not, other desktops should have something similar :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Have you experienced the same issues on a full installation?
I forgot to mention, but I used the XFCE desktop version in my test run.

I am running on Full Installtion. I've not used the XFCE but try looking for cursor themes :slight_smile:

I did another test run and it feels more like a performance/graphics issue to me. For example, when I have a window in the forground and move the cursor over a window in the background, it becomes more jittery and jumps a few pixels in regular intervals. I'm hoping this issue will disappear when I upgrade my computer and install Manjaro on the main SSD. I would be very happy to hear other users' experiences in that regard.

Can anyone recommend brands or models of mouses that also receive software support on linux? Sharkoon only offers Windows drivers on their website and all user-side solutions seem very technical and focused on other linux distros.

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