Just messing around in Blender . . .

It isn't a show stopper, but I think it's kind of cool. 4k resolution, Eevee render engine.

Circuit City Manjaro

EDIT: Why does the forum convert from png to jpeg, and how do I make a full res version available?

EDIT: Full res png: https://github.com/TechnicallyChallenged/ManjaroWallpapers/blob/master/Circuit%20City%20Manjaro.png


Use something = gitlab.com or github.com .



and post the link here in the forum.

It saves memory on the server, some png is very large in terms of memory.

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What's green & red & goes around & around really fast?



Okay this is pretty sweet. Nice work!

Thank you!

Added link to full res version in the OP . . .

really very nice.
I think I might have to use some hue sliders to get it more teal ... but very nice.

Lighting colors are easy to change : )

Circuit City Manjaro Teal

4k resolution file here: https://github.com/TechnicallyChallenged/ManjaroWallpapers/blob/master/Circuit%20City%20Manjaro%20Teal.png


I like the green version! Very nice!

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