KDE Blacked out screens during [Alt] [Tab]

Alt+tab blacks out screens for a few seconds on Manjaro 20.04 KDE. I do have 2 monitors attached and they both do that effectively every time I alt+tab to switch apps

KDE being the :switzerland: army knife of Desktop Environments, that is very little information to go on and try to help you resolve this.

  • Which theme?
  • Which Task Switcher?
  • What kind of video driver?

Please be much more specific and give us as much information as you can...


  1. It happens on the default manjaro theme. I have even changed to the normal Breeze theme and it still happens there as well.
  2. The default task switcher which is the KDE breeze default. (themed to fit Manjaro's theme)
  3. The Raspberry Pi4's Broadcom GPU. (so the V3D driver)

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