KDE Compositor Crashing / Glitching when rapidly activating "present windows" / expose

Hello all. With the recent 5.19.3 update, I seem to be having a new issue with my historically rock solid install. I'm a big "smart edges" user, especially to go into "present windows" / expose mode to switch between active apps or minimize apps to desktop. With the update, if I rapidly activate and deactivate those modes, the compositor seems to be crashing. Sometimes the compositor will reset itself, other times I have to manually do it. This is with integrated Intel graphics on a laptop.

Searches of other somewhat related issues seemed to indicate that perhaps I should delete my KDE config and start over. That will be my next attempt. Anyone have a similar issue or other suggestions? Thank you.

Mine's still solid - but rather than simply delete, start by testing a new user account, then just rename your config-old folder, reboot/test/copy stuff back slowly :wink:

Ah, didn't know that creating a new user defaults the settings for the new account. Thanks.

Do you or anyone else know if display settings live in specific directory or file?

Also, any utility to reinstalling KWIN?

I can't remember them all.
When I have problems, first I open Dolphin and start looking at hidden stuff...

Definitely start looking in .config - start by renaming that .config-bak and then log in again. Move back only what you're sure is safe and not too relevant.

Save stuff like 'KDE' and 'kde.org' until last.

There's also the .local folder. You need to get a little familiar with these... you can also add them as bookmarks or even as places in dolphin (at least until you're done fixing _

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