KDE Connect Issue

So I want to sync my S9 with my Manjaro running Laptop but the devices cannot find each other even though they are in the same network, also updated my uwd firewall rules but it says anyway that the firewall is not enabled, any ideas?

check the journal for core dumps:

journalctl | grep dump
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tells me it failed with core dump

Did you started pair-up of devices in the first place? It's not enough to be in the same network. You need to pair devices and only then they can work.

To check if firewall is not making any troubles, disable it and see if it makes any difference.


How exactly do I perform such a pair up(as a noob am I allowed to ask that question?)?

If two devices see each other, you can notice a pairing option on your system or phone. One or the other starts request to pair and on the other device you get pop-up where you must confirm it.

The easiest way is to start pairing on the phone. Click on the upper-left hamburger menu and you will see "Pair new device" option. This will show you visible, linked and remembered devices. If your computer is not on the list then there is really some connection issue which needs to be further investigated.

KDE Connect usually connects the computer when you activate the phone somehow. It's usually enough to unlock the screen, in rare cases you need to open kdeconnect on the phone and if computer is paired, you get icon on the tray (in Plasma) showing that the connection has been established. It's possible that such connection will die out after few hours and you need to again unlock the screen to wake the connection up. So it's not ideal but still nice. Sometimes the phone can activate the connection by itself when something is happening on the Android (new notifications and others).

Sometimes it can happen that computer and the phone won't see each other no matter what. Usually rebooting one of the devices help. Most of the time it's the phone but it happened few times I had to reboot the computer. Not sure what was wrong but reboot fixed it. I also had few times when nothing was helping but after waiting for few hours it fixed itself... The connection is capricious at times. Luckily, 95% of times it works all right.

If he is getting core dumps I think he needs to do what is suggested on the link I posted.

@Caligator, did you read the link and try what it recommends?

I guess it happened because smartphone suspend.

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