KDE dashboard + alternatives flicker, lost focus, "Applications updated"

Issue: My dashboard flicks every time I try to select+launch and application, if I manage to set an application as favorite I can click it to launch. Others in the full list just lost focus when I try to click on them, I need fast clicks to get it launched. If a do a search for the application, in the search result and I can click it and send it to favorites.

If I try to use another alternative, right click on the kde icon it shows a windows "Alternative Widgets" that flicks and goes from the first alternative to the third. I need to be "fast" to select one using the keyboard to "Switch" but the other alternatives are worse, because I can't click on the menus to select and application.

In some alternatives it shows a windows message overlapped on the menu that says "Applications updated".
In the launcher when I see the menu an click, the search box is selected automatically and I can select any item to launch.

I manage to capture a video, but it doesn't show the fickler just the jumping between the alternatives dashboard/launcher/menu. I move the mouse cursor and click on the 2nd and 3rd alternatives but it always return to the 1st one.

I logout and delete the .config/kwinrc before take this video.

Have you looked at KDE System Settings / Hardware group / Input Devices / Mouse:

Single click vs Double Click
Also settings on the advance tab,
Double Click interval,

Are you using a real mouse, or a touch screen?

I'm using the defaults with double click
threshold is 4 pixels
double lick interval 400 msec

No touch screen.

Two bluetooth logitech mouses, one for working on my desk the other+keyboard when I want to rest on my sofa just to see a video. I will remove one just to be sure this issue didn't happens.

When you're isin xf86-input-libinput (the default) the KDE systemsettings will not work for you mouse.

That flickering - when did it happen the first time and whats you graphicscard + driver?

inxi -G

It see it happens 1st in the middle of 2016, then it was fixed (I can't remember how) then it back again in the 1st big update in December (manjaro stable).

Graphics:  Card: NVIDIA GM206 [GeForce GTX 960]
Display Server: X.Org 1.18.4 driver: nvidia Resolution: 192
GLX Renderer: GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2 GLX Version: 4.5.0

I need to change the default "xf86-input-libinput" ? what I need to read?

I suspect that was a typo, since GeForce GTX 960 wasn't even released until late 2014.

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What happened when you got rid of one of the mice?

Do you run two bluetooth controllers on the machine, or only one?

I routinely use bluetooth mouse plus USB mouse, or USB plus touch pad, but never two Bluetooth mice at the same time.

With one Bluetooth mice the issue remains.
And after +10 hours of uptime, the whole system/KDE is slowing (dashboard, taskbar) the plasmashell shows +88% (99%) CPU and 3.241g RES usage.

My internet is failing I can't answer post continuously.

I test kubuntu in another computer to check if the issue occurs there and yes it occurs too; but I notice that the hard disk have misaligned partitions and bad sectors. So I can't be sure if is a KDE issue on both manjaro / kubuntu.

So, I got and idea:
I'll create another user account in my real computer (where I got the issue), if I see the very same issue then something is really wrong with kde/plasmashell.
But if the issue doesn't appear in the new user account, then I will rename my home user directory to "Me.bak" and recreate again with so I can start fresh again and copy again my data. Maybe some bad configurations files are causing me trouble...

Strange that after the last update at the end of the year, Firefox shows an "Open dialog" instead the "Save dialog" every time.

I'll post my results here.

This could change a bit with 5.9. One bug was fixed in this direction. Lets hope that this is also your issue.

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I wonder if it will soon reach the stable version... :rolling_eyes: ?

Today 2017/jan/30 is fixed with plasma-framework-5.30.0-1
With this the Dashboard is working again.
Thanks KDE and Manjaro team!

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