kde fade to black before lock

I left ubuntu gnome about a year ago, and one feature what is really missing, that gnome slowly began to fade to black the screen before it was locked. So if I am there I just move the mouse a bit, and I can stop the locking.

But in kde it is just immediate. And I know I have an "unlock without password for X sec", but it distracts me. I really really want that fade feature.
I was about to write an own widget for this, but currently I don't really have the knowledge for this, and can't believe, somebody not implemented it already.
Maybe I am searching for this with the wrong term.
Any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:


The KDE devs have probably not thought it was a needed "feature". You could suggest it to them?

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I reported about 6 bugs in the last months only one has a reply. I don't feel they have time for feature reqs :confused:

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