KDE Frameworks 5.70.0 breaks Dolphin

Today's Manjaro KDE system update broke Dolphin.
See this bug:

Please push KDE Frameworks 5.71 update as soon as possible.


Correction: KDE Frameworks 5.70.1

I think you mean 5.70.1

But yes, 5.70 has several bugs that have been fixed.

Specifically, I think these are what is needed

kio 5.70.1-1
ktexteditor 5.70.1-1
plasma-framework 5.70.1-1

(expected) Sat June 6, 2020 (expected) Sat June 13, 2020
It can't be pushed before it exists. Source:

If you are referring to the fix for initial 5.70, was already provided with this update

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for fix this bug: plasma-framework ok in stable but not kio 5.70.1 ! (unstable only)

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Pfffft, sooooo narrow-minded!


Sorry, yes. I meant 5.70.1.
The latest Manjaro KDE update provides 5.70 which has the said bug. This means I cannot use Dolphin for basic file manager tasks involving symlinked folders, which in my case is most of the time.

My request is that you push the 5.70.1 update.

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