KDE-friendly PIM client for google accounts

I am trying to find a good client for google email and calendar (multiple accounts) to use with Manjaro KDE. So far I tried:

  • kontact/kmail/korganizer: the "online account" in KDE section doesn't not show email/contacts/calendar, only gdrive and youtube. Trying to add it from kmail I get a "app is not verified by google" and I can't log in from there. I tried to enable the "allow low security app" setting in google account but nothing
  • Evolution: UI looks broken (app menu is not consistent like all GTK apps, some UI elements cannot be read if I used a dark theme) and it seems a bit limited on UI customization
  • Kube was promising but it seems dead KDE Kube, upcoming mail client?
  • Thunderbird has all the problems of Evolution and few more for dark mode/UI, plus a bug in calendar that freezes the app every time I try to sync

So far I am trying Evolution, since it has all the features working but only some UI issue, but it would be great to have some QT UI or program.
Obviously I want to thank all the developers that wrote those programs and I understand that they put a lot of effort probably in their free time, they are surely very good but only no more actively maintained or use a different UI toolkit.

Korganizer and Kontact integration with Google is not broken. But in KMail… just connect it as IMAP. IMAP support must first be enabled in GMail settings.

Best client so far for me is Mailspring, if you don't have any problem with an electron app.

I toss in Wavebox as an option. Electron with a free version however I'm using the Pro version. It does Google everything and many more services as well. Pretty comprehensive set of capabilities. It's the best option I've found with the benefit of being cross-platform.

Thanks for the reply. I will definitely try them.
I should have added the main reason why I don't want to use the browser for email: I noticed that chromium and firefox become unstable and use a lot of resources over time. I would like to keep as few tabs as or possibly closed them

I tried Wavebox and I am shocked. I thought it was only a browser with something like firefox containers and a keyring.
Opening (same account) gmail+calendar+contacts with firefox took 1.5 gb of ram (!), same account and same 3 tabs opened with wavebox is 500mb.
For responsiveness, they seem comparable.
I am really wondering, since they are both running js app, why there is such a crazy difference? Are browser really that bad? And why? (This is probably very off topic, I apologize)

Not sure if this will answer all your questions but they have an article explaining why it uses so much less memory here. I've been using it for a few years and it's not perfect but does work very well for my needs.

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