KDE has broken, extra kernel?

thanks, I already learned the lesson in a hard waz :slight_smile: I was thinking that when I removed virtual box with it dependencies, it should have removed the kernel as well. My mistake.

Thanks all you, for your help and support, I guess I will just save all my data and do a fresh install.
Have a good night, I am gonna have a long one :smiley:


Reinstall on s.th. which can "undo" such mess, like BTRFS with its snapshot feature. Or use s.th. like Clonezilla every now and then.

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I guess, I need to go that way,
Actually, as a result I was always keeping 2 kernels installed, but this time I decided to wait for 4.9, as I know it is gonna be soon.

And my system broke on a day, when kernel49 enters stable brunch :smiley: what an irony :slight_smile:

Here a second kernel would not have helped, the pacman database got broken.

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ah, but could it be because of I installed korganizer so also akonadi?

so, it seems it doesn't even allow me to do fresh install, it stops by giving the following error

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