KDE install stuck after W10 update kill grub

Hi I just got a new Huawei Matebook D AMD, I quickly installed Manjaro XFCE to see if all was OK.
The next day I update the W10 ( is a dual boot ) and I lost the Grub entry.
Now I try to install KDE from USB stick but I get stack aftre I click Install, it keep spinning forever.
Any suggestion is welcome.

Are you trying to install in the partition your XFCE installation was in or is this an additional install?

Use this. [Simple First Start] will do. Fix it when booted. Simple instructions all in link.

Yes, (some major) Windows updates kill grub.
Windows hate us. We should make our updates kill windows, only fair.
I'm thinking of not responding to windows caused issues.
Some people made me think this way.


Can you check, wheter Grub2 (Manjaro) is in the boot menu of the UEFI Bios?

You da man Goh. :+1:

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First thanks to all for the reply,
I found the root of the problem :

  1. w10 upgrade to 1902 set the /boot/EFI partition in a state of "Unknow Filesystem" for Linux
  2. accessing from W10 the Manjaro folder in EFI show an empty folder !!

So now I'm in the process restore the original stae of the system using the factory reset, then I will do all the W10 upgrades and from there I will try to install Manjaro.
Let you know if it will work :slight_smile:

Ok after 30 min I got the system back to Factory, then I had to wait 5 Hr for W10 to do all the update up to 1903, then I check to see if all was working and start the Manjaro install.
All done OK now I can dual boot :slight_smile:
hope this will be usefull to others.

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