KDE is broken

If you are planning to update Manjaro's KDE to to 5.19.x before 5.19.3 is released. Good luck. If you are still in doubt, read Natham's blog. Better to stick to 5.18LTS for good. If you are forced to update because of the security you will end up with broken Manjaro KDE (lots of regressions, that only start to be fixed with 5.19.2). Goog luck if you update KDE before 5.19.3 at least. Don't come to me then, I will only respond: "I told ya".

Why would I come to you if I broke Plasma on my computer? You haven't even posted on this forum until just now. :thinking:

Welcome to the Manjaro forum, btw.

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How do you even know that?

No one can tell what tomorrow brings - not even you.


Vanilla releases are mostly OK, I run KDE in VM with no problems, describe what is your problem we will try to help with your problems.

Strange, I've been using KDE everyday for years, can't say it's broken.


I've been running 5.19.0, 5.19.1 and now 5.19.2 since the respective updates came out on the unstable branch. Why tf would it break anything?




There's nothing to discuss, it just works fine.


Joined 4 hours ago. Read less than one minute. Giving advice, and suggesting people not to come to you (they weren't going to, sorry to burst your ego, no one cared) for help.

Please save the bandwidth for others.



We know that Plasma 5.19 í kinda broken, but we get there.

Sometimes we have a longer cycle for our next stable branch update. Manjaro 20.1 Mikah is around the corner and will ship with a working Plasma 5.19.


Mine is just running perfectly stable:

KDE-Plasma-Version: 5.19.2
KDE-Frameworks-Version: 5.71.0
Qt-Version: 5.15.0

KDE 5.19.2 is broken. When trying to run it on Wayland nothing seems to work. Getting all of KDE's features to work on Wayland shouldn't be any harder than making Gnome work on Wayland since KDE isn't any more complex. Also, when running KDE 5.19.2 on Xorg using the OpenGL 2.0 or 3.1 compositor I get constant flicker. I'm using an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor with Intel HD 530 graphics so both versions of OpenGL should be fully supported. This doesn't happen on Gnome. For the record, I like KDE better than Gnome. When KDE works it feels faster and smoother and it looks prettier than MacOS, I mean Gnome.

I have been running it since 19.0. The issues are/were fairly minor for the most part.

Why would sign-up for a forum account just to post this? Are you even running 19.2 on Manjaro?

plasma support for wayland is still experimental. That being said, it gets better with every release.

If nothing is working for you, that isn't normal. It does work for the most part.

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kwinft is a new version of kwin to focus on Wayland. We introduced it with 5.19. However plasma is not ready for Wayland yet.

No version of Plasma works well with Wayland right now, because it's not really a supported feature. Honestly, even Gnome is kind of touch and go on Wayland. I'm really looking forward to the time when things just work.

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Theres more than a few people around here who use KDE on wayland exclusively.
I think it might be a bit hardware, use-case, dependent. Including what software you are hoping to run.


Gnome was practically built for Wayland. Runs flawlessly. With KDE I can't get the clipboard history to work. I also have issues with the Konquorer browser crashing repeatedly. None of this happens on KDE under Xorg. Problem is under Xorg I get constant flickering when moving windows around or resizing windows or even browsing the web. Under Wayland this flickering never, ever happens.

I'm using 5.19.2 and, besides some bugs that were also present in 5.18.5, everything is running fine. Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?

I'm also reading about some issues with Wayland... I would love to see the KDE team make Wayland viable, but until then I could care less. Everything I need runs in Xorg. A few things I need don't run in Wayland, to include under GNOME. IMO, Wayland is just not worth my time at the moment, so I am not at all concerned with it.

I just switched over to Manjaro KDE on my Surface Pro 4 after spending 2 years on KDE Neon. My Surface Pro 4 has an Intel Skylake processor (Core i5 6300U) with a HD 520 iGPU. Manjaro/Arch seems to have a few issues with Skylake processors that have nothing to do with KDE Plasma. I recommend that you take a look at this wiki:


For my Surface Pro 4, I had to disable framebuffer compression using the i915.enable_fbc=0 kernel parameter. If you are using the modesetting driver, stop and use the xf86-video-intel driver instead. The modesetting driver doesn't like Skylake CPU/iGPUs. I got a lot of screen tearing with the modesetting driver that I didn't get with the Intel driver. The Intel driver also seems to behave better with HiDPI screens.

I've noticed that GNOME is great at painting over stuff. Just like Windows, GNOME works around hardware issues. However, those issues are still there and seem to manifest themselves with high memory use and other stability issues in GNOME. It's best that you take care of those issues at the system level.

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