KDE Konsole transparency: Desktop does not support transparent windows

I'm trying to get Konsole to be 20% transparent so when I go to Settings, Edit Current Profile... and then click on Appearance in the left-hand pane I'm greeted with a warning already:

This colour scheme uses a transparent background which does not appear to be supported on your desktop.

If I persist in my foolhardiness and click Edit anyway and slide transparency to 20%, I'm greeted with another message:

The background transparency setting will not be used because your desktop does not appear to support transparent windows.

I googled around a bit and the tips given there (force opacity in Configure Special Windows Settings..., ...) don't work or don't make any sense to me as I'm new to both KDE and Manjaro/Arch.

Is there a way of getting transparency with the following adapter / Driver combo: NVIDIA-SMI 418.113 Driver Version: 418.113 CUDA Version: 10.1 running on 5.3.15-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Dec 5 11:01:29 UTC 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux(with obviously the KDE desktop)

Is your compositor on ?


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i found the below thread, but looks kie the settings have changed since then.

now: system settings, workspace behavior, desktop effects, search for or scroll down to translucency, mouse over it and and click the little settings cog on the right side.

Sorry for the dumb question, but: what is the "compositor" and how do I turn that on? Which additional information do you need? (been running Manjaro for only a week now and my knowledge is still very shaky)

This is what I see when going to system settings and type work in the search bar:

so no desktop effects nor cogwheels to be found...

System SettingsHardware → Display and Monitor → Compositor

Check the box labeled "Enable Compositor on startup". Make sure the rendering backend is set to OpenGL 3.1 or OpenGL 2.0. XRender will also work, but it runs the entire compositing stack in software, and so you won't get things like blurring for your translucent windows.

As an additional note, if you have "Allow applications to block compositing" checked, then you should quit the game before everything will work back as before.


Chose OpenGL3.1, activated and presto: the transparency settings I set originally just came to life as by magic! Thank you! (Marked as Solution & liked: anything else I can do to make this answer stand out?)


click on configure and set to icon view, then workspace behavior, then desktop effects. just type desktop effects after you click a blank spot on the desktop. if you still don't see it let me know what version of plasma you're running.

Solved by @Aragorn. Thanks for your contribution though. I'm still very uncertain about some things (though I've been able so solve a few issues myself already so reading up on the other newbie questions)



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