KDE kscreenlocker_greet causes black screen(with cursor only, 100% CPU usage) after waking up from suspend


I'm using nvidia rtx 2080 with 435.21 and it's a fresh manjaro installation.
After waking up from suspend, the kdescreenlocker_greet program displays a black screen and a cursor and I can't login without killing the process from another tty.

It's a known issue with KDE.

A workaround is to disable compositing before going into suspend.

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I noticed not so long ago that if I ever disable compositing manually in a session instead of letting it turn itself off automatically when a game starts then the next time it's turned off a black square will appear at the top-left corner. It will stay there when I play until I restart KDE or the compositor but it will reappear for the next game session too. And sometimes, I need to turn off the compositor manually because it doesn't always get disabled when I start a game.

The workaround is not reliable, the bug is still present. I deleted kdescreenlocker. Can we have another screenlocker as default for other kde/nvidia users?

I use Kscreenlocker and it's reliable for me when I turn off compositing.

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Good for you, but it's clearly unstable. And I also wouldn't put this in front of new users. KDE also doesn't give any attention to this issue.

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