KDE Lockscreen: Picture of the Day is only black

When setting the Appearance setting of the lockscreen in the System Settings to the "Picture of the Day from Bing", the lockscreen stays black, even if I keep my laptop locked for more than 10 minutes.
Does Wifi get disabled when the screen is locked? I didn't try hooking it up via Ethernet because I am away from home right now.
Can anyone recreate this bug/behaviour?

if there is no picture of 5he day is downloaded then where will be a picture to set wallpaper.

so its necessary to have internet connection if you set picture of the day.

Yes, I know. Maybe I phrased the sentence a bit weird: I don't know if Wifi gets disabled when the screen is locked. This would explain the issue. Is it the case?

this should not be the case as the picture will be downloaded before locking the screen.
just wait till the picture is downloaded.

"The lock screen disallows Internet access, so the picture of the day wallpaper just fails to download." [1]


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Thank you very much!
The workaround described in the KDE Forums worked for me.

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