[KDE] NumLock on Plasma Startup

According to the wiki:

Go to System Settings > Input Devices > Keyboard , in the Hardware tab, in the NumLock on Plasma Startup section, choose the desired NumLock behavior.

Which is what I did, and it worked... But just for a couple days, then it went back to normal even if the option is still checked. Not a big issue, but it was handy for log-in.

Plasma was updated recently? Or KDE Frameworks stuffs?

Probably (?). I mean, it's quite likely, but I cannot recall the exact date when it stopped working and I think there have been a couple updates since then. Is this a known bug for recent updates?

share on pastebin.com

/var/log/pacman.log and we will find out

Alright: https://pastebin.com/bPmFkcM2

Whole plasma desktop was upgraded

[2020-05-01T20:32:17+0200] [ALPM] upgraded plasma-desktop (5.17.5-2 ->
[2020-05-09T01:11:01+0200] [ALPM] upgraded plasma-desktop ( -> 5.18.5-1)

IMHO you should report regression with it.
Bug tracker is here:

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