KDE or Xfce

Well, IMO, your output of "sudo inxi -FGxm" would be more helpful/welcome instead.

But using that to create a post in "Technical Issues..." is probably not a good idea, since obviously, the choice of "KDE or Xfce" is NOT a technical issue at all, -not matter how you try to slice it.

Sooo, how 'bout that output first, here, because afterall, it is a "General Discussion" at best, and for aesthetic reasons should really be an "Off-Topic" one, if memory serves me well.

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But KDE crashes are, I guess. :slight_smile:

Then start putting the output "logs" together, (dmesg, inxi, journalctl, ...) and let's see.
If you guys got crash logs, segfaults,... then by all means produce them.
Don't just ASSume, and, be ready for application faults and not just KDE,...?

I use both, in different partitions. It's like having a house in the city and another on the mountain.


Potentially silly question: How do you make the output of inxi not have colored text? With the color codes, everything's kinda hard to read.

With the -c0 option, for example:

inxi -Fxzc0

as in Dump your "inxi -Fxxxza --no-host" here and bookmark it

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Here is the output of sudo inxi -FGxmc0: http://termbin.com/bvr0.

only XFCE

fresh benchmark:


xfce has better power use, ram use and boot time

use what you want !!

I keep reading similar on forums but I can't help but think it's KDE.
I have been using it for several months now. Standard manjaro setup and I do find its not as stable as xfce.
Plasma panels tend to lock up on me.
Copying and moving files sometimes get screwed up also.

Another thing I dislike about KDE is the updates. They are huuuge. This is just my situation though as I use mobile internet and have restricted data. 30gb a month.
Xfce updates are few and far between, saving lots of bandwidth.

XFCE (GTK+2) doesn't get the level of development KDE does upstream because it is essentially a long term support desktop now. They're working on porting XFCE to GTK+3 instead.

KDE gets near enough monthly updates, Plasma 5.13 is the cutting edge build and 5.12 is the stable 'LTS' build.

Manjaro KDE tracks the 5.13 builds but as you are on stable branch you will get very large updates for it occasionally. Stable only gets a snap of updates when they have been through unstable and testing first. That tends to mean they amount up.

The 5.13.5 build fixes a lot of the issues you described above. Clearly if you are on a capped mobile internet plan you should consider whether a rolling distribution is the right choice not only which desktop.


Exactly. @Mordynak you should probably be using a distribution with delta updates which are specifically designed for situations like yours. Fedora, OpenSuse, Gentoo, all use deltas by default.

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Personally, it's xfce for me. Rock solid is a good thing to have in a rolling distro like Manjaro. I'd suggest to take a look on our tweaks in the showoff forums. Some of theirs are barely recognizable as xfce :astonished:

That's the nifty thing about Xfce, it camouflages so easily. :smiley: Add Compiz, Variety, a nice-looking theme & icons, a few conkies, and who knows what DE it is? :slight_smile: And it's still gotta low system overhead. :smiley:



In my experience, KDE Plasma has been rock solid since version 5.12. Maybe not so much before, but since then I've had zero issues.

In fact, I've migrated my GNOME 3.26 machines to Plasma 5.12, because it was so much more stable. I'm yet to experience any crash or bug since months ago, whereas GNOME was crashing daily.

On the Xfce vs Plasma question, another important reason to go with KDE in my opinion is the sheer number of features it has, compared to Xfce. I can customise pretty much any behaviour of the desktop environment. The looks are also much better out of the box in Plasma and I struggle to tweak Xfce completely to my liking. Finally, these days Plasma seems to be just a little bit heavier than Xfce, definitely not as much as in the past.

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Interesting...I can pretty much guarantee you were using a bad extension. Plasma is good but it has similar problems. Xfce is a rock.

Possibly, but I suspect it was down to that infamous memory leak that plagued GNOME 3 for a long time. The one they've finally addressed in version 3.28. I've tried GNOME 3.28 without issues.

Anyway, I totally agree that most of the times it's a misbehaving extension and we blame the DE itself. The same goes for Plasma, a bad extension might cause issues. However, I've had exactly zero crashes, freezes or any other issue since I've installed Plasma 5.12 months ago. Maybe I was lucky with the very few plasmoids I'm running.

As for Xfce being rock solid... Indeed it is. :slight_smile:

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It is entirely possible, I have been pretty stable in Gnome since 3.12, Plasma since 5.7. Both have extension and plasmoid induced issues. As to you being lucky, probably. I run Gnome pretty clean, and I try to do the same with Plasma otherwise stupid crap pops up with every point release. Xfce always chugs along as my safety DE.

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Something interesting I've noticed is that both of us seem to use both GNOME and Plasma on different machines. Often, although not always, I notice this dichotomy between the two and people are either on one side or the other of the fence. So yeah, it's nice that someone else finds both interesting.

Xfce is also my go to DE on lower specced machines or simply where I don't need all the bells and whistles of Plasma. i3 and dwm are my favourite tiling window managers.

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I run use Fedora/Gnome (Business Laptop), Manjaro/Gnome (Desktop/Multi Purpose Rig), Centos/Gnome (Server), Manjaro KDE (Music/Video Production Laptop), Manjaro KDE (2in1 Convertible Laptop), and PFSense (Custom Built Router/Firewall/Openvpn). I have Xfce as a secondary DE on all the Gnome rigs. I would probably just run Xfce if I did not like eye candy to a degree or the out of box experience with Gnome and KDE. I like to use the best tool for the job.

I like tiling window managers but I dont like enforced tiling. KDE does this very well as well as Xfce, and it is the only thing missing for me in Gnome (quarter tiling).

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