KDE Panel icon duplication problem

Hello guys
It may seem like a stupid question but I have a problem that I can't solve with icons.
Whenever I press a widget icon, instead of opening the session in the same icon, it opens another.
Do you know how to solve? I am attaching a photo.
Sorry for the triviality but I literally burned the brain to find a solution.
Thanks in advance.

how did you add the terminal and brave icons to the panel? As launchers or pinned to the Icons Only Task Manager? If not the second option that is the way to achieve what you actually want. So remove the Launchers you added to the left and pin the applications instead :wink:

To pin a running application to the Task Manager, right click the icon that opens for it.


you are right

It's not really a stupid question anyway, most of us learn by doing just as much as resorting to manuals so I have done the same as you in the past when I first started with KDE.


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