KDE plasma is slow vs Cinnamon is fast and smooth

Why Kde is very slow is part of official release comapred to cinnamon is very fast is part of community release?

While performing customization or any interaction on Cinnamon DE as comapred KDE plasma are fast and responsive.

I have compared time to open a program, performing customization of DE, applaying settings, file manager responsiveness etc.

KDE even take more boot time compared to Cinnamon.

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How do you measure it?

Try UI Customization on both desktops. KDE is very slow.

KDE Plasma runs perfectly fine on my machine. Tested native the Cinnamon and it did not match my needs. It run fine too tho. Your question has no context, sounds like a general issue, when i'm sure is just a particular case for you, or a placebo efect, because you provided no data comparisons.

Since the two DEs in question use different compositors and also one is Qt5 driven and the other is GTK+, your comparison is like: why do strawberries are different than kiwi ? :slight_smile:
Try better than that. It all depends on:

  • hardware
  • drivers
  • compositor
  • animations + effects
  • cache

Did you installed both on the same machine and you use them with the same username? What was the first DE installed? etc etc


I have tried gnome, xfce apart from KDE and Cinnamon. I had slow response issue on KDE only.
I want to use KDE as my default DE but because it is not smooth as Cinnamon i am not using it.

May i know which need of yours are not available on Cinnamon as comapred to KDE Plasma?

I have compared both KDE and Cinnamon with same user on same machine.

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What shall that be? Are you comparing apples and oranges? What exactly is your benchmark? May be a video of both might help to show as what you mean with "very slow".

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KDE Plasma works flawlessly on my three computers.

The only part of KDE Plasma that I could complain about, regarding speed, is KRunner. On all of my computers, it takes about half a second for it to load, which is slightly annoying, so I'm considering replacing it with something else, perhaps dmenu or Rofi... But everything else is super fast and snappy.

Even on my laptop from 2011 with 5 GiB of RAM, KDE's performance is almost impeccable, with occasional stutter (typically right after logging in).

So I'm not very convinced by the OP :man_shrugging:


I am saying based on normal interation with Desktop, difference in speed and responsiveness is does not match with cinnamon.

May i know why we can't compare resposiveness of operation on different DE ?

I found it very slow while performing panel customization or browsing widget.

Panel Customization disign is not user friendly.

Who said that?

Make a proposal how a benchmark could look like to measure "responsiveness". Is that the time it takes to start a program from first click until the window is complete? What excatly do you want to measure?


Yes time to open a program, performing customization of DE, applaying settings, file manager responsiveness etc.

KDE even take more boot time compared to Cinnamon.

I observed those operation on both KDE and Cinnamon. Based on that i am posting.

Oh, you mean this type of slowness! I get it now :joy:


Haha, i have mentioned other things too. But you are replying on different reply :joy:

I just pick this one as an example:

The file manager is DE specific. Do you want to benchmark how the KDE file manager dolphin behaves in different DE's like KDE, cinnamon, XFCE? Or do you want to compare the XFCE file manager thunar with the cinnamon file manager nemo and the KDE filemanager dolphin?

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  • Activities that completely isolate applications and have a different power management
  • Wacom tablet profiles + assign ctrl , alt or shift key to a tablet button or stylus button
  • A proper tiling that can be switched on or off depending of the workflow i have (i'm using 3 very different)
  • Proper panel and dock integration/customization

Many other that are only available on KDE Plasma, and i can make it not look like KDE Plasma. :slight_smile:
My guess from what you wrote so far is that you had animations on and probably using the wrong compositor. I always tweak mine.

You probably had the Splash Screen on and that adds an extra time to how the desktop is initialized, or how is perceived. The actual time is can be seen in systemd-analyze

That is a totally different topic by itself. If you want to talk about ergonomic principles and UI design, you can open a different topic and present exactly what your proposal would be and justify it. Just saying is not user friendly is simply a statement that will not help because most of the users that know their preferred DE, they can access everything even blindfolded. Of course i exagerate a bit, but is just to point out that being familiar with the entire UI of a DE is important.

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I see whole DE as package not a single program such as file manager. I am compare whole desktop environment interaction speed as it comes in bundle.

Oh damnit nooooooooo. Why did nobody tell me this before? Finally i understand why my fruit-salads kept turning out different to expectations.

Teehee i giggled when only "minutes" ago i saw this thread appear with [at that stage] no replies... i began counting down the seconds til when the flood would arrive.

To the OP:

It's lovely if you like Cinnamon. It's fine if you prefer it over Plasma, or anything else. Just always recognise that whilst some will agree with you, others will not... & that's fine too. DE-preference is massively subjective. If you like reading, & have some spare time, maybe read down through our pretty long Plasma Is Great! thread, to see why so many of us prefer Plasma.


This is my last comment here. I will step out of the discussion because it is useless.

If you compare whole desktop environments you are not taking into account that the programs have different functionalities. That means they have different file size, they use and load different libraries, they start different services in the background, they provide a different user experience in general. That all has an impact on start up times and overall handling performance.

If speed is the thing you are looking for you should look into lxde or xfce. If maximum functionality and customizabilty is your goal, look into KDE. If you want to have anything in between go for gnome or cinnamon.

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If you don't like what you see (feel), don't use plasma. Shure you can disable all that eyecandy, extra widges and bla..bla...
But it will never be as fast and stable as xfce or lxde.
Don't argue with plasma fangirls/boys, this will bring you no step further.


Didn't know only xfce or lxde fangirls/boys can argue here ...


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