[KDE Plasma] Is there any way to put keyboard shortcuts on Virtual Desktops?

I'm using 4 virtual desktops on kde plasma, and I want to associate them with the keys ctrl+left or ctrl+right to move to each of them.

But whatever is the keyboard shortcut that I put on the widget's configuration it simply does not work.
Is there any way of doing this?

Do you mean SystemSettings => Shortcuts ?
Default for 1,2,3 are Ctrl+F1, Ctrl+F2, Ctrl+F3.
Are they working?
Maybe what you select is conflicting with others. Which shortcuts have you tried?

Default is Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left. Do they work?

Actually I was talking about the configuration available straight in the widget, when you click in 'Edit Panel', that icon on the left.

Yes, they are, I actually wasn't aware that these were the default options.

I wanted to make it as ctrl+right = next one, ctrl+left=previous one.
Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left don't work.

Panel, not Workspace. I don't know how you had this idea, but depending on the description of the desired result, it is wrong.

Have you changed any other shortcut to these?
Have you tried to set shortcuts from the normal Plasma utility?

In kWin section.


I looked in the kWin section, after you said.
Don't know why, but the defaults were 'None', but I just changed there and now it works the way I wanted.

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