KDE Plasma LTS updates only (Doubt solved)

I use Manjaro KDE and I get (I think) every update available about KDE Plasma, Qt libraries ...
I would like to know if I can do something to get only the LTS versions of Plasma and Qt.
At the same time I'd like to have the latest versions of every other application.
I've searched everywhere and I found nothing.
Is it possible?
Thanks in advance!

I have already raised this topic. Manjaro is a rolling release as well as Archlinux. This can be done, but for this there must be a separate development team! And I think in Manjaro they will definitely not be doing this. :pensive:


Partial upgrades could break your system, Manjaro is like Arch a rolling release distro. For more details see here:


If you want, you can do it so that nothing breaks. :wink:
But this requires a separate development team!

Now they will begin to tell that this is not possible and to send towards the Debian distribution the blah blah blah ....

So the topic can be closed.

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yes they could.. it would just mean to maintain an other branches of plasma packages and Qt packages. and it need ressources.. and times
and if you maintain the Qt LTS branches, it can also mean to maintain a 2nd branches of all apps dependings on Qt.. so it's not an easy task, and as manjaro decided to follow arch philosophy about to have the latest release of packages. I don't think it will happen


I said the same thing above :wink:

We have what we have.

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I thought it was something easy to do and I was just not able to find the option in the configuration.
Now I understand the problem much better.
I don't think it will happen either.
Thanks a lot to everybody who has answered.

Who knows who knows.

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