KDE Plasma on ARM Laptop Pinebook

No mention of price, but I seem to remember they are sub 100 £/$/Euro.


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We are currently doing a similar approach already with the Bladebook on x86_64 architecture.


huh? don't do the Bladebook an injustice. that's like comparing a BMW M2 to a Skoda Fabia VRS. The Bladebook is a much more capable and better built product even at base level.

I was asked if Manjaro ARM would support a Pinebook/Pine64, but I don't know how big the market is, and I have no way to test it, as I don't own one. :slight_smile:

There was some movement for ArchlinuxArm for Pinebook on Twitter until the end of July but probably Armbian is in better shape

...Donation time?
Would ManjaroARM[/@Strit?] Do better with the Pinebook or do something else with ~$100 ?

I am in contact with someone that has a Pine64 (which is the board inside the Pinebook, so he can check if my images work before I release them.
So I am working on getting Pine64 support. :slight_smile:


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