KDE (Plasma) tracking/history features

It's been some months since I started using this DE and I thought this kind of things (privacy concerns) were a thing of the past --looking at the window...-- But recently I started noticing that plasma keeps track (a history) of my activities, the ones I noticed are:

  • Dolphin file manager has a "Recently Saved" section where you can see a history of your file access ordered by date...
  • KDE Application launcher also has a history tab...

Would it be possible to disable by default all kind of tracking "features" that plasma have enabled by default? (I would even disable the baloo indexing framework, when you can easily find any file using the terminal...)

Personally, I don't see any usefulness in knowing that I accessed x file or y app the other day (and whatnot is being logged)... Maybe if it's for work or some kind of business control, but I think this should be disabled by default (or, at least, it should ask for permission).

Just my opinion. Thanks for reading.

  • I like the history features in KDE Plasma
  • I don't care about my activities being logged at all
  • Please, disable this "features" by default

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This is not a huge issue for me, but I can't say I like it either.

Where history is stored with no option of disabling within a KDE app I periodically clean up manually. Some history is stored in an app's config file, others are stored in directories elsewhere.

I have aliases in my .bashrc, but this is still a work in progress, and not currently a huge priority.

alias kk='cp ~/Documents/krusaderrc ~/.config/krusaderrc'
alias ok='rm ~/.local/share/okular/docdata/*.* > nul 2>&1'
alias rd='rm ~/.local/share/RecentDocuments/*.* > nul 2>&1'
alias ru='rm ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel > nul 2>&1'
alias up='rm ~/.local/share/user-places.xbel > nul 2>&1'

Gwenview keeps a list of recently viewed files even when history is disabled in the app. Still trying to hunt down where this info is stored so I can clean it up manually.

In "System Settings" > "Workspace" > "Desktop Behavior" > "Activities" > "Privacy", you can make selections about remembering opened documents. Choose "Do not remember". You can also clear recent history and make other privacy settings.

Best regards.


I already do this, for a number of KDE apps it makes no difference. The individual applications store recent file activity anyway.

I must say I like the last used applications in the KDE kicker menu, use it quite a lot. It's faster than searching through the menu to find the program.
Last used files I use in Libreoffice and also here I must say I like it. So, to disable it completely is not my favorite.

Thanks for sharing and for you opinions.

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