Kde reset

can i reset every setting in kde as it was in new install time
if we can please let me i know i have to do and i have to uninstall each and every applications
to sum up i need new os with its pre software and setting without again installation

You can either create a new user, or you can remove the .config + .cache + .local folders in your user, but not while you are in the desktop session ... better from TTY.
Also take a look at this tutorial for better understanding how it works


thank you for your kind information .

When you do want to start all over, what's keepin you from re-install the OS? Backup your personal files (documents, pictures, etc) and go for it. Since all your settings will be gone anyway you have to start over setting thigs up the way you want to.

how to re -install same os
can i get some hints

How did you install it the first time?
Before you start please do this:
open a terminal

sudo blkid

Select everything with your mouse (left-click pushed, drag over the text, then release), right-click somewhere in the selected text , choose copy.

Here in your answer first place 3 ``` characters (which you find next to the 1 on top of the keyboard) on an empty line, then right-click on the next line and choose paste.
On a new empty line place the same 3 characters again. The text in between those 2 lines will be formatted so we can read them easily.

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