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So far i've sucessfully disabled sddm and replaced it with lightdm with the aether theme. Everything works except the lockscreen. Once I login and lock my session it still uses the default kde one.
How would I replace it since its controlled by kscreenlocker?, and if i try to uninstall that package it tries to remove every single kde app on my system.

Have you searched the forum at all?
I know I answered this question within the last week.

Anyways.. simply put - the lockscreen is part of KDE theming.
It is separate from, and has nothing to do with, SDDM.
[it is hard coded into look-and-feel]

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Great... Everything on arch is modifiable huh...
Ill just go over to Manjaro Deepin and just replace the greeter theme

  • has nothing to do with Arch (or manjaro)
  • it is modifiable .. you must use a different (look-and-feel) theme .. or modify it yourself.
  • deepin is a hilarious choice if you want customizations
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I literally only want a better looking login and lock i don't care for qt widgets and since I was on deepin til just a few days ago I already want to go back lel.

I ran into this issue with KDE as well. The best I was able to do was change the wallpaper of the screen. By the way congrats on switching to lighdm when I did my computer wouldn't boot anymore and I had to reinstall.


None of the options in the kde settings change what OP is referring to. I made a thread about this issue a while back because I didn't understand why changing the appearance of the sddm only changed the login screen not the lock screen. The KDE community really should considered making the two areas more connected.

I know theres been threads on it. I've answered many of them.
I know there is no GUI switch.
As I've said .. its hardcoded to look-and-feel theme .. look in

-it is not part of sddm-

Well..umm...I don't really use KDE anymore I just remember the issue from when I did use it that I had that issue. That's a shame though. The KDE community really should make a gui switch for it.

As I said, technically, any 'look-and'feel' theme that provides a different lockscreen will get its applied if you choose that there. Not many of them do. And not many people realize/understand this.. but thats how it works currently. It should be tended to, but it hasnt so again .. the options are choose a look-and-feel or make your own or be happy with the default.
[you can, for example, choose adaptabreath look-and-feel to get its lockscreen, then choose all different desktop theme and colors like breeze, etc, and you will still have adaptabreath lockscreen]

I used Zion-reversed and oxygen. The lockscreen never changed.

That is probably why and it is also why I wished the login and lock screen were more tied together or at least have to the option to match each other.

Both of those are 'old' and dont have look-and-feel's at all .. let alone custom lockscreens.

Regardless. There should be made an option to have the lock screen match the selected ssdm theme. Yes I know they're hardcoded to be two separate things. I'm saying the the kde community should fix that.

From a few years ago...

The lock screen as a separate process has security concerns (it would be very easy to kill it) and certainly require some cooperation between the lock screen and the desktop.
It also requires more changes to make the greeter appear again when summoned or never close the greeter process. I'm against on making SDDM a lock screen and nobody actually wrote code in so much time, so I will just close the issue.

As to "the plasma devs should overhaul the lockscreen preferences" .. well sure, that would be nice ... but since I havent done anything to help that along I'm not gonna complain about it.

In fact .. my answer to this was to create my own theme. If you use AdaptaBreath you will find it does have its own lockscreen .. without blur and its own icons, etc.

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The post at the bottom of that was the answer to me. A shameful answer but an answer. "It has security concerns and no one bothered to write the code to make the change in all this time so I'm going to close this issue."

I would offer myself to make the fix but I have some stuff on my to do list to do for manjaro and i3 at the moment. :slight_smile: I'll consider helping this out after.

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