KDE started running extremely slow

I have been in love with this OS and i really want this to work out for me.

Yesterday my KDE desktop started causing trouble. It is for some reason running extremely slow to a point where it is unusable for production.

My recent changes before this incident was i had installed wine from manjaro repository using octopi and then i used my system for a while without any problems and then when i randomly just went to desktop and did a right-click and refresh desktop everything went blank and nothing came back.

I had to do ctrl + alt + delete to get the shutdown prompt to shut it down. Since then whenever i start my laptop it runs very slow. I have to wait for almost 7-10mins just to get to the desktop and even after that everything runs very very slow.
I am not sure what's causing the problem, please help me out.

Here's a screenshot of my htop

Something is coredumping - have a look in /var/lib/systemd/coredump to see if you can work out what it is.

I found this in that folder and yes it is doing something constantly there.
I am not really sure if those files are being deleted constantly or added.
I took the ss just in case.

Sorry my eyes aren't so good, posting a screen shot is impossible for me to see properly. You need to post terminal outputs to get proper help.

Here's a couple you can post:

free -h

This thread explains how to post your commsnd outputs.


Without even seeing your outputs the first thing I'd suggest is to change kernel versions. If your on 4.14 or lower upgrade to 4.16 or 4.17. If your on 4.15-17 try switching back to 4.14.

Good luck.

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