Kde Vanilla, and Kde-Dev, really whats the difference?

Hey guys getting back into Manjaro after a 2 year break.. Kde's development branch on Manjaro was my go to before but now I see we have a Kde-Vanilla?!? Can anyone explain the real difference between these 2.. Thank you and also glad to be back.. Amd support looks so much better =D

KDE vanilla is the Plasma 5, KF5, and KF5-aids stable upstream releases, without Manjaro branding.
(5.17.4-x, 5.65.0-x)

KDE development is the Plasma 5, KF5, and KF5-aids compiled from their git snapshots by Manjaro.
(5.17.80.rxxxx.gxxxx-x, 5.66.0.rxxxx.gxxxx-x).

KDE applications are not effected, and are the upstream stable versions.
(Dolphin, Kate, gwenview, yakuake, knail, etc. (19.12.0-x))


Are you sure that is still the case? I installed manjaro-kde-dev-19.0-unstable-minimal-191221-linux54.iso, and it was without the Manjaro branding, though, as you note, it did have the -git versions.

I reported it here: [Testing Update] 2019-12-25 - Kernels, Qt 5.14, NetworkManager 1.22.2

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