Keep getting a download notification upon turning on

Ever since two weeks ago (more or less the time of the last stable update of May) I have been getting this notification ~90% of the times I boot up:


This notification keeps saying that this file is being transferred, and yet it never ends, and I just click on stop. It shows up immediately after I turn on and log in, save for very few apparently random exceptions where it doesn't appear at all.

I know that the file in question is supposed to be a small KGet configuration file (~/.local/share/kget/transfers.kgt).

Adding to this, there's this post that a made a few months ago about a similar bug that there was at the time. While the "Finished downloading" notification that I was receiving stopped appearing after a certain update, in the mean time between the two bugs I have always remained unable to open KGet from any other place apart from the Notifications and Status board. As is still the case now.

This has been resolved. The forum Search function is your friend.

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