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Yes, of course. Edited my post to make it perfectly clear! :wink:

This brings us back to: Should we be recommending people use -Syyu instead of -Syu

... so not even saying anything about that ...
(if there is no change after some amount of time maybe I will vocalize some frustration..)

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Ok - with Topgrade, it's updating first with yay -Pw and pacman -Syu --devel
then it's doing tldr --update
Then it's doing yarn global upgrade -s
Then it's doing flatpak update --user -y
Then flatpak update --system -y
Then we have sudo snap refresh
Then fwupdmgr refresh
Then fwupdmgr get updates

First I do topgrade -n for a dry run to see what it wants to do. I'm just curious if this is more dangerous, as I'm probably more likely to leave out checking such a long list of updates...

I guess I'm wondering if I should do pacman first, then yay, and then maybe run topgrade later to catch 'other' updates missed...

I use a script for that, which can be found here. It does basically the same as topgrade i guess but also maintains other aspects of a arch-based system. That serves me well so far and all my systems still work :wink: . One could also use pacui for the maintenance.

I just run yay. yay will automatically do the repo updates and only proceed with the AUR updates if the repo updates succeed.

There is no practical reason to run pacman and then yay. The advice to never use AUR helpers for repo updates dates back to a time when AUR helpers were far less reliable than a tool like yay.


Install timeshift-autosnap, then when you see updates just launch terminal and run topgrade. It will then create a auto-snapshot before doing the updates.

Nice - so far nobody's giving me any reasons to give up being lazy and using Timeshift, which is nice.

The main worry is that it gives bad options if something doesn't work, and the only choice I could make was to exit really, I didn't pay enough attention at the time. Any errors and I'd go back to basics with pacman then yay.

That's great, thank you - I was tempted to go straight to Yay, but felt uncomfortable - similarly I feel uncomfortable about skipping and going straight to Timeshift...

Last two updates I just type 'up' and my password, now I put timeshift-autosnap on , but I don't see much value in that TBH because I have daily snapshots x3, weekly, and two monthly. I'm also anal about doing timeshifts before even stupid stuff (like messing with themes) because experience already showed me that Plasma can be a little bit hazy in that respect.

Right now it's solid, Latte has the same applets it had yesterday and my top panel didn't reappear after I removed the x86-video-intel package which was messing with my filebot menu's.

I sorted out pcmanfm SU, so I can follow my variety link to the source folder and browse/delete root owned images whilst browsing thumbnails, and pretty much installed everything I use.

So if updates don't kill me, it should all be gravy from here.

I have pacui also, I was rather offended by the huge red banner stating:

 The following systemd service(s) have failed. Please fix them manually. 
  Display detailed information about a systemd service with: systemctl status <SYSTEMD SERVICE NAME> 

0 loaded units listed.

But I did like it's option to fix pacman errors.

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wow with all that faffing around do you ever use you computor for anything worth while lol,


Well the idea here was mostly to learn and leave behind a worthy discussion.
All I actually do is type 'up' and my password - and that's much faster than what most folks do... but efficiency needs background knowledge also.

This is how I also update.

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Why not just yay? :thinking:

I like that each thing does one thing extremely well. In my mind, nothing can update pacman, like pacman. And yay, like yay. Does it matter? Probably not, but once a week I can type out an extra few characters and I feel better about it. I dunno.

I just use pacui


I kinda dropped the --devel part of yay ... also depends on the config - devel might be implied.

If I omit --devel, I have several *-git packages that will never get updated.

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yes ... but check the config - you can set it there too so you dont have to remember.
(though I have not .. and simply did not include it in the first post when I should have)

I have a function I use for yay that includes it.

I guess I should try to read some of that - export pacui --help to an epub and send it to Kindle.
For now I'll see how topgrade goes and see if anything breaks.

Thank you for your comments gents.

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