Kernel 4.19 & 4.20 Bluetooth

Laptop = System76 Lemur6, 8 ram, 120 SSD.

Manjaro 18.0.2

Installed fresh Manjaro w/kernel 4.19.Bluetooth was working fine. Turned laptop off and next morning enabled BT, but it did not work. Queried for adapter and none found.

I upgraded, then to 4.20, but no change.

Loaded running 14.4 kernel and everything is fine.

Are there BT bugs with these 2 kernels?

It would appear that way.

Please post:

inxi -Fxxxz
hwinfo --netcard --wlan --bluetooth | grep -Ei "model\:|driver\:|status\:|cmd\:|file\:|detected\:" | grep -v "Config Status" 

Please post all terminal commands as text with code tags, (not as pics).

Information on how to properly post hardware specs and logs:

Please format any terminal output with three backticks before and after, as shown in this picture:

Post both sets of commands run on 4.14 & 4.19.

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