Kernel 5.7.9-1

Hi !!, I have got kernel 5.4.52-1 in the laptop , the same is recommended and LTS one, I have also downloaded a 5.7.9-1, but this one, is not yet a LTS or recommended , is it g oing to cause any problem in the machine or can I also use it?.
Thank you very much!!!

i am using this kernel and it causes no problems at all that i'm aware of

Thank you very much :smiley: :+1:

It just wont be around/supported for as long as an LTS. The last LTS release is 5.4

I see!!, thank you very much!!!

you will just have to remove it by yourself when it will become EOL and manjaro will remove it from their repos otherwise you may have trouble to update your system.
Like as if you use nvidia drivers.

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