Kernel Panic Post-Update

I got a kernel panic on my laptop after updating.

Most places say to use a live usb and roll back changes, but I don't have access to another computer to create a live usb; not for the next days.

Is there another solution to this problem? If I knew updating would cause major problems I wouldn't have done so.

Always keep at least 2 kernels to boot from. That might help when one kernel fails.

Where (meaning which OS or computer) are you typing from? [1]
Take a screen shot of the grub-menu or manjaro entry (if applicable) that gives this kernel panic.

[1] where as not like Camden, New Joursey.
Or from a Samsung desktop computer.

Read this

Boot by editing grub menu.
Revert your kernel update in question and/or install another kernel using mhwd
Search the forum for similar topics and relevant tutorials.

I have access to a phone or hotel/public computers. The former I have no interface to a usb drive and the latter I would have neither the capability nor permission to run Rufus to create a live usb.


I'm referencing

I tried 'emergency' as parameter- if I did it correctly.
Doesn't change the situation.

If you have any multi-boot system, even non-Manjaro, you may use it to chroot to Manajro.
You can try all grub available options, with or without editing grub commandline to get to TTY (runlevel 1-3).
With no external media, I think that these are all your options, sorry..

@AgentS, OP is using luks and encryption.
I think the kernel panic is due to not 'getting into' the right mapping.
I don't use luks and encryption so I have no idea what the 'mapping' is.
Do you? Also he's trying to boot into 'emergency encrypt device' whatever that is.
Good luck, petsam.


I don't believe in luck, only in lack of luck.. :smile:

Neither do I..

I tried reverting all updates done the day the kernel panic occured. Not everything was in the cache, and I still have the problem.

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