Kernel pânico/DVD drive

if I connect the DVD drive the system appears kernel panic, if I remove the dvd drive back to normal.

and the make and model of the DVD drive is?

Asus, but i install the system without dvd drive

Asus what? Is it internal or external? If you won't supply what is asked none of us can help you. Sometimes on here it's like getting blood out of a damn stone :unamused:

that shouldn't matter. do not plug a drive into a system that is running though unless it is external. internal DVD drives are not generally hot-swap enabled.

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You should post more information to help you bettter.

Is it internal.


are you for real or just trolling us? it's really not that difficult to provide the information requested.


Hi. Thanks for reaching out to us on the forum. We would love to help you, but you need to help us first.

  1. Please read this article. How to provide good information in your posts

  2. If you are not an English speaker, please post in the area with your language, so people that speak your language can help you.

  3. Enjoy Manjaro!

By the way, if you connect a SATA power cable to a device while a system is running, it will most likely freeze the system.

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