Keyboard layout switching in Live media and during Calamares installation

Hello. Not sure if I selected right category for my request. Sorry, if it's wrong place.

Problem: When I select non English keyboard layout in live usb, or during instalation in Calamares (didn't try Architect, but I'm sure the problem will remain), then I get only that particular layout without switching possibility. It makes problems.

For example, I use Russian or Lithuanian layouts on my systems, So, if I select Lithuanian layout on laptop without numerical keyboard, then it will be impossible to type in digits, because this layout uses main keyboards digit keys for additional letters. If I select Russian - it will be not possible to type latinic letters at all. Imagine, I can't type in my own login and password.

This problem continues from ancient times, and yesterday I've heared it again, that means - people still get same problem. It is one of negative impressions that people get about this wonderful distro.

Please, add an option in non English layouts to leave English layout and keyboard shortcut for switching. In both, live boot screen and Calamares installation process.

Thank you.


As you can see in the first picture, you can specify all specifications for your system, time, language, keyboard ...
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Additional keyboard layout can be installed after desired, if desired.

You see, in all other distributions it is by default. If I choose Russian layout it means that I will have both Russian and English. And in Manjaro - how can I install something if I can't even login? Keyboard has ONLY cyrilic letters. (and in Lithuanian doesn't have digits) I know that problem and change layouts only after installation in users settings, but most people do not understand that. Because everywhere else - there always "backup" English layout.

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Unfortunately, do not see anything

Install Russian Keyboard Layout
Install Lithuanian Keyboard Layout
Remove English Keyboard Layout

Everything about the system settings possible
Which keyboard layout should be your first, you decide here too.

Other options that exist here are the selection of the manufacturer of the keyboard

If there is a workstation but several users with different languages, it would be useful to set one user interface per user

I hoped to see some adequate reaction. The problem is simple as a pie, why you are trying ignore it? Even keyboard manufacturers must change their keyboard, not you...

Once again. If I choose NON LATIN layout during live boot, I will not be able to type in right user name or password or any commands in terminal, or during installation (because user name MUST be Latin). Another situation: I want to install Manjaro. I run installation program which asks me of language - brilliant, I choose NON LATIN language, select it and then it offers me keyboard layout of that language - brilliant, I leave it as is, do all the stuff I need, finish installation and reboot. In freshly installed system I can't do nothing, can't even log in! What system settings should I start staring at the login screen? Is this description is simple enough to understand? (Sorry, English is foreign language to me, maybe you couldn't understand what I want in my prewious messages)

If you do not know how to deal with this problem, then please, remove keyboard switching at all. When user installs system he will do it by hand, but at least he will be able to install and log in to do that.

Oh, and, to not invent a bike - look how others do. Take ANY linux distribution and choose non English layout. You will get English layout (in first place, because of commands and passwords) plus what you choose, and be able to switch by Ctrl+Alt, or other shortcut. Very good and comfortable.

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I see the issue here. You want to be able to select and assign two keyboard layouts during installation whereas it's only possible to define and use one.

Calamares should indeed offer the ability to add an additional layout even if you cannot start the media with more than one. I know many people who need to use more than one as well. This could potentially be putting people off using manjaro.

So +1 to the suggestion

I am not the right contact person for this change / suggestion
Please submit this to the development team of Calamais

You are currently on vacation

Calamares Summer Vacation
The Calamares development team is on summer vacation from mid-July to the 
beginning of August, 2018. During this time, code updates will be minimal, 
releases none, and response to newly-filed bugs may be slower than usual, 
or absent.

Written on July 14, 2018

Thank you for pointing it. But I thought this thing is customized on every distribution. Sorry for bothering about Calamares then.

But who is respobsible for live media boot screen layouts selection? This makes problems to. I (not I personaly, but regular users) need two layouts if I select non English. This is important to.

Only an adjustment is made in the sequence of which packages when to execute.

As already mentioned, please contact the Calamares Development Team, thank you

+1 this is a really nasty bug since you can't even log in after the installation.

For those who wondering I found the related issue on Calamares github tracker:

Don't close this topic!

This also might be a Manjaro System Settings bug. Read the whole github page for details.

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