Keyboard misbehaving at start up, but partially ok only after suspension


I purchased a Thinkpad E14 which came out just this year and I wanted to switch to Manjaro after many years on Ubuntu. I have installed a minimal Manjaro with KDE. I have not wiped Windows out completely yet, so it is in dual boot (UEFI).

After booting and logging in, the special keys on the laptop keyboard do not work (volume, luminosity, etc the ones with Fn + F<>) as well as the LED (caps lock, Fn lock, mic). However, the caps lock and the Fn lock work, it is just the LED. Also the standard F<> keys work, e.g. F5 refreshes mozilla's pages.
The weird thing is that the caps lock and mic LED and the special keys work only after I restore the laptop from suspension. The Fn Lock still doesn't. This is odd because the opposite is more likely to occur, i.e. the keyboard does not work after suspension.

I have updated the packages and also tried the latest stable kernel.
The keyboard works just fine on Windows 10.

Any suggestion?

I've just bumped into this thread Backlight control only works after suspension and sorry for not seeing it before. The issue I am experiencing is very similar. I will try follow some of the suggestions, even though it was never solved.

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