Keyboard not working on grub

The keyboard is not working on grub. I have got the OS installed for more than a year now. Didn't have this issue before. I didn't change anything except updated the OS.

I tried the solution given in this topic, my BIOS doesn't have the second option listed there.

$ inxi -Fxxxza --no-host
Please help!

It is not working again. I've also noticed a weird thing. Some of the keys are not working properly. I can type a comma but not a semicolon (in Portuguese keyboard layout, they are together and can be changed using shift key.) I can use almost any other keys using the shift key. For example the brackets I used above. It seems all strange...
What can be possible reason? It seems like these two problems may not be related as well, but they started at the same time.

Does this also happen after a coldboot?

I always do coldboots. I've noticed that this problem is not there if I start BIOS menu first. So I think you are onto something...

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