Keyboard stopped working after minor kernel update

My keyboard has stopped working after a minor kernel update to 5.6.15. it's an USB Logitech keyboard (G815), anyone got any good tips? Downgrading to 5.4.43 is giving me the same issue. I had this issue in the past (couple of months ago) but downgrading solved it in the past, does not seem to work this time around. I enjoy Manjaro and don't want to be forced to move to something else

Symptoms: It runs fine for 10 seconds to 10 minutes after boot, then just completely dies. No lights, no response, nothing.

Pretty new to debugging hardware on Linux, so not sure where to start...

Hi @Wobbley,

Is it sure that the kernel update is responsible for the problem ? Have you tried the keyboard on some other computer ? Does it use batteries ? Are they ok ? These are very basic questions, but my intuition tells me that it is unlikely that a kernel update introduces a regression on such common hardware.

Fair questions. I have tried all of the above, and yeah they work fine. I dual boot Manjaro and Windows on two different drives on my desktop. In Windows everything is fine. I could try it on my Manjaro laptop actually, which should be running the same kernel. That's at least worth a shot, worse case I just nuke the distro and try a fresh install.

I am assuming it's due to the kernel upgrade because I had a similar issue in the past and downgrading the kernel helped. This time downgrading didn't work. The last thing I also did before the problem started was update the kernel.

Seems that the live USB had the exact same issue. Guess something really did break in the latest update.

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