kpmcore and kpmcore3 conflict on Live USB

Hi everyone,

I'm very new to Linux, and have been trying out Manjaro on a live USB. Thus far, I really like what I've seen, but I've run into one major issue - when I try updating programs using either pamac or by running

sudo pacman -Syu

in the live USB, it throws an error stating that kpmcore and kpmcore3 are in conflict. My understanding is that kpmcore3 is present on the system because of partitionmanager3 and calamares, and it would seem foolish to delete calamares. However, I would like to be able to install and update programs, of course. Would this issue be present if I were to actually install Manjaro on my system? Is there any fix to it? And could this at all be caused by the fact that I'm running the live USB using the "non-free drivers" option? Thanks.

Welcome to Manjaro.

Did you use an old(er) ISO? Try the current one.

This forum sports a search function, don't be afraid to use it:

In searching, I had actually found that post. When prompted to resolve the error by removing kpmcore3 and partitionmanager3, I allowed it to, but then it threw an error stating that calamares was dependent on kpmcore3.

Oh, and I used the official 18.1.5 KDE distribution, which I downloaded from Manjaro's site yesterday.

Is there any particular reason you want to update the live usb since any changes you make in the live session will not survive a reboot.

I wanted to mainly to test out how doing everyday things would feel while using Manjaro - for instance, using OneNote, which I couldn't install because of this issue.

As I was reading the notes on Calamares, it's listed as a Linux installer - does this mean that it is not a part of the actual Manjaro desktop, and would only be present on the live USB?

It's the current one.

I didn't realize you were trying to update your Live Environment. No reason to do that - just install and update the installation afterwards.

Okay, so this wouldn't be an issue after installation, then? And is that because Calamares isn't present/isn't needed after installation?

You cannot update the live system nor can you install packages in a persistent manner.

If you want to do a more thorough evaluation without changing your hardware you should try a virtual machine using VirtualBox. Installing Manjaro is covered in the user guide and installing in a virtual machine is covered by the wiki and the forum.

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Yes. Calamares is a distribution-independent installer used by several Gnu/Linux distributions and not only Manjaro. It is not a part of the installed system.

I see. Thank you very much everyone, I appreciate your help.

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