KVM/QEMU bluetooth passthrough

I'm having trouble passing a bluetooth USB adapter to my Windows 10 guest. I followed some of the usual instructions like setting up USB passthrough using the XML below.

I also disabled host modules and bluetooth services from starting up on the host using the steps below

sudo systemctl stop bluetooth.service
sudo systemctl disable bluetooth.service
sudo systemctl mask bluetooth.service

/* Prevent bluetooth kernel modules from being loaded */


blacklist btusb
blacklist bluetooth

I can see the bluetooth controller show up in Windows device manager under Universal Serial Bus Controllers but Windows 10 still reports the machine as not having any bluetooth support.

Interestingly enough, with the same setup I managed to get this to work on VirtualBox using a USB Device filter on my bluetooth host adapter. VirtualBox reports bluetooth working normally.

I'd prefer to stay with KVM/QEMU but can't figure out what I'm missing to get this working correctly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

check his site on yt. you'll find all that you need.

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