KWIN_X11 Memory Leak


I have a memory issue with KWIN_X11 which I can't seem to track. Over time, the memory usage seems to increase on my machine. I close all applications and find that the memory is still around 3gb. Upon investigation, I find that restart kwin via kwin_x11 --restart will fix the issue -- temporary solution however I would like to get rid of this leak overall :slight_smile:

Before Restart:
After Restart:


Kernal: Linux 4.19.16-1
Widgets: Application Launcher, Audio Volume, Battery, Bluetooth, Clipboard, Device Notifier, Digital Clock, KDE Connect, Keyboard, Notification (Disabled notifications), Network, Printer, System Tray
plasmashell 5.14.5

No KWIN scripts are enabled under window management in settings.
Compositor is enabled - Scale: Accurate, Rendering: opengl 3.1, Tearing: never, Thumbnail: Only for shown windows

tl;dr: Memory is 3gb. After I restart kwin_x11, memory becomes 1.3gb. Please help find the lost memory :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thank you for your time


I would also uninstall any plasma widgets you installed (aside from the plasmoids that come preinstalled).

Here you go.

I believe i'm using the widgets that came preinstalled.

I'm unsure if this is a user error. I was hoping it'd be an user error and I could find it. Given this, would you still recommend making a report?

is there any reason for posting a link to a sql file?

Try kernel 4.20.

Not sure why it posted with a file extension. I basically posted a link to the dmesg given it's too long to copy to the forum.

FYI: Hastebin is an open source alternative to pastebin.

Will give it a shot and let you know.

Looking at your logs, you have another problem as well, namely with iwlwifi (Intel WiFi).

Yes tons of wifi abd bluetooth errors as well as warnings of your CPU temps over threshold.

I wonder whether the problem might be related to suspend-to-RAM.
So my question is: does the 'memory leak' also occur on a fresh boot?

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RE: iwlwifi, bluetooth -- no idea
cpu -- I clock using tlp however I sometimes run some AI stuff.

RE: does the โ€˜memory leakโ€™ also occur on a fresh boot?

No, I don't notice the 'memory leak' on a fresh boot. It happens over time so I do pause and resume in the day several times in the day. Since this occurs usually at the end of my day, I highly suspect this 'suspend-to-RAM' feature.

I'm curious to why it doesn't free up the memory on resume? Is this expected behavior? Also, why is the memory in KWIN?

Difficult to say.
It could be a KDE bug, or it could also be a problem related to TLP, or it could be a problem related to iwlwifi - that one shouldn't crash.
I would try disabling TLP and see whether the problem still occurs.

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I would also test a few different kernels as well, driver/firmware bugs can cause memory leaks on some kernels.

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Could you also please post:

journalctl -b

This will be quite large so best for hastebin etc.

I had to gdrive this. Couldn't paste 140k lines.

Fix your time it is not synced.

Disable baloo through the system setting, I am seeing many baloo errors.

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Hmm, enabled automatic date and time.

ntpq -p
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
==============================================================================   3 u   38   64    3   78.701    7.779   5.087
 MTPBX.cytranet.  3 u   34   64    3   16.801    0.170   3.248
 server1.webster   2 u   37   64    3  261.754  -49.928   9.088     3 u   36   64    3  274.953  -37.466   5.572

This could be your problem.


I'll mark this as solved. If it fixed it, you can expect no more pestering from me :slight_smile:

I appreciate the time and help!

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