Laptop Freezes at Login Screen, Manjaro, Keyboard and mouse also doesn't work

I am new to manjaro, and I recently installed codelite on my OS, after that when I restarted, a login/sign-in screen appears for some time the text cursor blinks but even I enter the password I can't login and then my laptop freezes, keyboard, mouse and cursor all freeze please help...

My laptop HP-15-ay079nia, it has a 2gb dedicated amd graphic card along with Intel's own

A must read:

thanks for replying i tried both of em
didn't help

What else did you do to your system at the same time?

nothing... other than using firefox

Well - if the only thing you did was to install a software package then something has gone very, very wrong.

If you can't fix your system via a TTY or chroot then the only option is to reinstall.

i m currently reinstalling and replying you with live usb environment

how to fix via TTY? just curious if the problem arises again? because i still plan on reinstalling codelite

The links above cover how to access a TTY.

Fixing the system would rely on knowing what was broken.

well that didn't help
anyways i love how active this forum is thanks

this is how i installed codelite could you look into it, coz i don't see how it caused sign-in screen to freeze, codelite doesn't start when i click on it's icon

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