Laptop has SIM card slot with pickup/hangup buttons. What to install for giant phone?

Hello! My laptop has a SIM card slot, and the keyboard has pickup :telephone_receiver: and hangup :phone: buttons.

What can I install to have a giant working Manjaro laptop phone :manjaro::computer::iphone:?

Based on my research, the SIM card slot in modern laptops is for internet access; eg: mobile broadband, etc.

So, you can still use VOIP applications and the like; but making phone calls from your laptop via cell service is not intended.

Though you may not have a Dell, I'm posting this for an example:

You'll notice, the SIM card is for mobile broadband access; ideal for someone who does not have access to WiFi or a wired network connection.

You could verify this by reviewing the manual for your laptop, it would likely suggest the SIM card slot is for getting mobile broadband internet; I have not been able to find an instance where it could be used for mobile dialing.

Yeah, mine also has a sim slot for that purpose. I'm curious to see if this laptop actually has the ability to dial a number. There's nothing I can remember impeding a laptop from having that feature, though it's usefulness may be questionable.

We could set a new trend, walking around holding laptops to our ears like flip phones. :slight_smile:


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